Fascia of the Gables

Fascia of the GablesOn June 14, 2012 I delivered a Minor Architectural Application (MAA) to Craig Ewing,  the Director of the Palm Springs Planning Commission. The MAA was seeking a blanket approval to re-fabricate and install the Fascia of the Gables,  significant decorative tiki- or Polynesian-modern architectural elements which were removed from the outrigger beams in the 1990s. Having successfully restored/replaced the Flying Seven’s and the Tiki-apexes, this project would complete the missing link.

o2 Architecture relied heavily on vintage 1960s photographs to capture the appropriate scale and proportions. Also, visual clues provided the exact angle of the vertical trim pieces and one footprint was still in place, which provided the precise location where the horizontal pieces were attached to the building.

The Palm Springs Historic Site Preservation Board unanimously approved the  MAA. The restoration project was privately funded by homeowners Stan Deen and Doug MacBeth.