Historic District Marker Celebration


October 10, 2014
The celebration began with Cindra Stolk presenting live (and still cold) Celebration Leis to Don Wexler, Craig Hammond, and me. The leis were hand crafted with tiny peppers woven tightly and flown from Honolulu to Palm Springs. Councilman Chris Mills issued a proclamation declaring October 10th Donald Wexler Day. Don removed the marker cover and seemed very pleased with the designation.

Craig Hammond presented gift boxes to Cindra and Rod Stolk, Don Wexler, and me. Craig introduced me and I rattled off 14 years of history in 10 minutes. It was an emotional moment and I wasn’t sure I could get through the presentation without losing it.

Cindra Stolk and Josh Agle (Shag) talked about our February Modernism Week event, which promises to be a huge event. Event details and the announcement of ticket sales will be posted when they’re available.

A dedication luncheon was held at Trio Restaurant in Palm Springs.

Historic Designation Celebration

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Don Wexler