PSPF Awards Grant to HOA

April 29, 2010
Ron Marshall, President PSPF

1961 Photo of Tiki-Apexes and Fascia of the gablesThe Palm Springs Preservation Foundation announced that it has awarded a $1,200 preservation grant to the Royal Hawaiian Estates (RHE) Home Owners Association (HOA). The RHE HOA recently applied for a PSPF grant to enable them to contract with the well-respected local architectural firm of o2 Architecture to design and explore the fabrication feasibility of an architectural element known as a “tiki apex.”

The tiki apexes were unfortunately removed from all of RHE’s “outrigger beams” (another defining feature of tiki- or Polynesian-modern architecture) during the 1990s for a variety of reasons, including deferred maintenance. o2 Architecture has said it will rely heavily on 1960s-era vintage photographs to capture the appropriate scale and proportions of the tiki apexes and will consult with modernist architect Donald Wexler on the project. According to PSPF President Ron Marshall, “the RHE HOA has pledged to pursue any certificates of approval required by the city’s Historic Site Preservation Board,” for the eventual planned reconstruction of the tiki apexes. RHE (designed by the firm of Wexler & Harrison in 1960) was recently designated Palm Springs ’ first residential historic district. Additional information about the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation, the PSPF grant program and the RHE Historic District can be found on the PSPF website at www.pspreservationfoundation.org.

Project Timeline

  • April, 2010 – PSPF grant provided to hire O2 Architecture to built a prototype
  • December, 2010 – Project approved by the HSPB
  • June, 2011 – PSPF funding provided funding to install six Tiki-Apexes
  • February, 2013 –  Homeowners provided  funding to install four Tiki-Apexes
  • February, 2013 – Modernism Week RHE Home Tour provided funding for remaining Tiki-Apexes
  • May, 2013 – Remaining thirty Tiki-Apexes installed

Tiki-Apex before and after restoration

Tiki-Apex before and after restoration

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